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 The GGSA has been established to serve as a forum for the discussion of graduate student affairs and concerns in the Department of Geosciences, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and to serve as a liaison to the faculty of the department and to the university administrative system.

This organization will seek to represent fully and accurately the collective opinions and concerns of the graduate students in the Department of Geosciences.

The GGSA will also provide information to incoming graduate students and visiting potential graduate students on request, and will provide information and guidance to current graduate students on navigating the university administrative system.

Activities will include regular organization meetings to discuss issues confronting the graduate student body, attendance at and participation in administrative doings within the department and the facilitation of travel arrangements to professional meetings.

Please check our constitution for more details about the association.

Activities and events: information about our activities and current events

News letter: access past meeting topics and resolutions, or information about current events concerning the  association.

Picture gallery: here you can see an ecclectic collection of pictures taken by students in the department.

Please contact us (preferred) e-mail: GGSA e-mail address
                                                        fax: + 402 - 472 49172604
                                           post mail: University of Nebraska
                                                               Department of Geosciences
                                                               214 Bessey Hall
                                                               Lincoln, NE 68588-0340

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