Undergraduate Geology Program

Schramm trip

The Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences offers both the bachelor of science (BS) and the bachelor of arts (BA) degrees in Geology. The bachelor of science program is designed for those who expect to become professional geologists and/or continue in graduate work. Undergraduate training in geology is beneficial in many other fields such as teaching at the pre-college level, urban planning, law, civil engineering, environmental studies, and museum work. Students preparing for these or similar areas are advised to take the bachelor of arts program, which is strong in fundamental geology but does not provide the ancillary math and science requirements for admission for most graduate study in geology. Click HERE to download information about the UNL geology program and careers in geology

Geology Undergraduate Advisor

Dr. Richard Kettler
321 Bessey Hall
phone: 402-472-0882

Academic Requirements

How to apply

  1. Complete the University of Nebraska undergraduate admissions application. For more information on the admissions procedures please contact the UNL Undergraduate Office of Admissions.
  2. Contact the departmental advisor listed above for more information.


Field Trips

Many of the geology courses require field trips that often include camping and primitive conditions. The number of trips and their duration vary with each course.

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